VAVA offers a wide variety of services to assist with your program planning. From site selection and transportation logistics, to vendor selection and on-site staffing, we are here to create exceptional memories.



With all of our transfers our staff understands that exceptional service is expected when attending an off-site meeting or incentive program. We take pride in surpassing expectations.

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Make sure the group gets out and sees the best the destination has to offer. By land or sea, there are a myriad of terrific options! Choose from activities that are full of adventure, historical or cultural. Activities can be arranged for just a few hours, or a full day.

In the event your program agenda requires that guests stay onsite during their meeting, we have a variety of exciting options to bring the fun to them at the hotel.

  • Excursions Click here to obtain tour options for our featured destination PUERTO RICO.
  • Spouse and Children's Programs






Our professional, uniformed and friendly staff is always eager to assist as needed. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in their field and many have over 10 years experience as group coordinators, operation managers, field dispatchers, tour guides, hospitality desk agents, and more. Our staff will work hand in hand with you throughout your program, they will become the face of the company from the moment your guests arrive at the airport with meet and greet service to making sure your guests have a great time on their activities!

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Make every event unforgettable. Our priority is to create an engaging experience for guests from the time they enter the ballroom or venue to the time they depart the event. VAVA prides itself on creativity and can assist with the development, production and execution of décor services and theme concepts ranging from simple linen and centerpiece selections to exceptional lighting, staging, perimeter décor and ceiling treatments.





There is no better way to explore the destination you’re visiting than to experience one of its the outstanding venues. We have a full dossier of venues, from historical landmarks to elaborate private estates, that can play host to your event.






Experience local cuisine in style, we can make arrangements at local restaurants for a delicious dinner. Private rooms and pre-set menus are available to elevate the dining experience.






A good teambuilding event enhances working relationships by building connections through camaraderie. An excellent teambuilding does this in a fun, engaging and innovative way. To this end we have created a variety of physical and intellectual challenges designed to stress to the value of effective communication in dynamic environments.






We specialize in a variety of entertainment options designed to enhance any event. Our entertainers range from individual interactive artisans and performers to ensembles to full on out of this world spectacular productions.






At VAVA we can assist with the logistics and management of all aspects of your program.

Our expertise encompasses every facet of event planning and operation, including:

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At VAVA we are experts at weaving the corporate messages or themes into the program elements.

  • Amenities and Unique Awards
  • Event Collateral Design and Production
  • Signs and Banners
  • Project Website Design and Management